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Noise Damping Sheets
Sound SealTM Acoustical Products

Soundamp E is a self-adhesive pad used for sound and vibration damping on metal panels. The adhesive side is smooth, giving complete contact with the underlying surface without air pockets or channels. Soundamp E is odorless, wear-resistant and impregnated to prevent the absorption of water. Both the pad material and adhesive can withstand temperatures between -30ºC and +120ºC (-22ºF to +248ºF) and are highly resistant to aging.


  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic
  • Meets FMVSS302 and UL94 HBF
  • Improves fatigue life and safety factor of treated surfaces
  • Resistant to water and mineral oils
  • High acoustic loss factor

Soundcoat® - Engineered Solutions for Noise Control
SoundfoilTM Damping
  • extremely lightweight
  • high damping effectiveness. full coverage not required thereby saving labor costs
  • offered with standard pressure senstitive adhesive making installation easy
  • thin profile saves valuable space
  • metal constraining layer will not support combustion
  • does not create odors and adheres better than traditional asphaltic materials
  • offered in multiple layers for increased acoustic performance over a broad temperature range
  • available in 4 polymer types to meet specific requirements.
SoundmatTM Damping - Acoustic Floor Coverings
  • increases driver/passenger comfort by reducing noise and vibration
  • reduces difficult low frequency noise
  • offers maximum sound transmission loss
  • reduces labor costs and inventories by eliminating the need for secondary treatments
  • improves thermal insulating performance of interior cabins
  • can be engineered for maximum acoustics with minimal weight
  • offered with open cell and closed cell foam underlayment
  • unlimited combinations of wear surfaces, densities and thickness
  • fabricated to your custom dimensional requirements
SoundampTM Damping
  • extremely effective - Soundamp stops noise at the source
  • is an engineered solution, not a band-aid
  • being made of metal, Soundamp is non-wicking and is fire resistant
  • will minimize or eliminate the need for additional heavy blankets of noise reduction materials thereby reducing labor and parts costs
  • significantly increases the fatigue resistance of metal components
  • reduces vibration considerably at minimal thickness where traditional isolation mounts cannot be utilized
  • offered with different inner layer formulations providing maximum performance at various temperatures
GPDS & Foam Damping Sheets
  • when applied to either side of a stiff vibrating surface such as metal, plastic or wood, GPDS will reduce impact noise, panel resonance and structure borne noise
  • GPDS's flexible characteristic allows it to be applied to irregular surfaces
  • both GPDS and Foam Damping Sheets are supplied with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive backing for quick and reliable installation
  • GPDS and Foam Damping Sheets provide excellent thermal insulating properties and provide anti-corrosion protection
  • materials are listed with Underwriters Laboratories with a UL-94 V-O rating
  • provides higher damping and weighs less than traditional asphaltic based damping materials
  • provides excellent damping over a wide temperature range